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Applique Work Batten Lace Cut Work Crochet Lace Venice Lace , RB Lace , Cluny Lace,  Tuscany Lace Embroidery Drawn Work Cross Stitch
9706-1  White or cream  polyester viscose with machine embroidery tablecloth
72X90" 72x108"  72x126"

580  45x45" White cotton with x-stitch hand embroidery tablecloth

X9601   36X36"  Ecru cotton with cross-stitch embroidery tablecloth
562  72X108"  Ecru cotton with crochet lace and cross stitch embroidery tablecloth
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Available size and color

White Polyester Ecru Polyester
- 54X54" square
- 54X72" oblong
72X90" oblong 72X90" oblong
72X108" oblong 72X108" oblong
- 72X90" oval
- 72X108" oval
72X72" round 72X72" round
- 90X90" round

002 White or ecru polyester with cross stitch machine embroidery tablecloth


8806  36X36"  White cotton with x-stitch hand embroidery tablecloth

X36-5   36X36"  White cotton with cross stitch embroidery tablecloth