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Hand embroidery shoes bags shores holder and eyeglass holders

703B laundry bags

1880-2 laundry bags

1880-1 laundry bags 

1880-1 laundry bags 
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Art. No. A31C  Size : 10X14"  shores bags

Art. No. 2072  Size: 10X14"

Shoes Bags
    Art. No. 993-36  

Art. No. 703B Size: 10X14" 

Accessories Bags
Art. No. 993-36H 

Art. No. 23082B  Cotton with machine embroidery shoe's bags 
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Art. No. 23082B  Polyester with machine embroidery shoe's bags

Art. No.2410  Size:10X14"

Art. No.2409  Size:10X14"
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Art. No. F2932
eyeglass holder 
quantity 45 doz.

  Art. No. 4500 
eye glass holders Size: 3.8X8.6"
quantity 9 doz.
Art. No.2412  Size:10X14"
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